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Go Green With Your Website

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Earth Day and other initiatives build awareness of how we can work to save resources, reduce waste, and recycle what is already in use. As you build and develop your company’s website, here are some ideas to ‘Go Green’:

  • Change to online Product Catalogs and brochures instead traditional paper printed.

Replace your informational products with "digital" versions that can be transmitted electronically. PDF documents are an Internet standard and a cost-effective, eco-friendly way to distribute your newsletters, brochures, manuals, ebooks and other information electronically.

  • Offer email sign-ups as an alternative to traditional mailings.

Give Customers an option on how they receive sale notices, coupons and special offers. A registration for email notices that would replace paper snail mail is a winning solution for both the company and the customer.

  • Report Green program's in your industry.

No one knows your industry better than you, so who better to report on what is happening in the areas of reduction and recycling initiatives? This reinforces the brand as a thought leader and builds customer loyalty.

  • Partner Up.

Many companies now have philanthropic partnerships and Green solutions in place – or building. Feature these on your website. A paper supplier can provide information on the work it does with a tree farm, bringing possible customer donations to the same good works. Matching schemes and other support should be showcased.

  • Give Green Options.

Customers are becoming more and more savvy about Earth-friendly products, so highlighting them on your website or even on a micro-site can be a smart tactic. Products made with recycled material like recycled paper, or produced in a responsible manner can all be big draws.

  • Link It.

Providing links to Green initiatives is a lo-cost and straightforward way to highlight a company’s stance. For example, a mobile phone seller can provide information and links to old phone recycling options.



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