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Open Source Project Ideas

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We offer following open projects in JAVA/JEE and Open Source technologies.

  • Framework for Governance in Open Source Communities
  • Reusable e-learning development: case studies, practices and issues of awareness for knowledge-based organisations
  • Tamil Numerals Identification
  • Reusable e-learning development (RED) is defined as the cloning, modification and customisation of existing files or source codes for developing
  • An organizational learning model of the software development process
  • A project management support tool using communication for agile software development
  • Integration of trusted operating system from open source
  • Visually Supporting Source Code Changes Integration: The Torch Dashboard
  • NIR: Content based image retrieval on cloud computing
  • Visual exploration of large-scale evolving software
  • Open-Source Demo System to Support Automated Identification and Tracking Workshops
  • The way to an open-source software for automated optimization and learning — OpenOpal
  • Adding real-time networking and QoS capabilities to RTLinux-GPL
  • Low-cost GSM telephony in the Amazon region based on open-source / open-hardware projects
  • Jylab Meets Eclipse: Integrating PSEs with Multicomponent Platforms
  • An e-education collaboration model on the open source idea. The collaboration model
  • The Development of an NLP-Based Chinese Ontology Construction Platform
  • Intelligence Analysis Using Titan
  • GUI Testing Made Easy
  • CVML - an XML-based computer vision markup language
  • Using redundancies to find errors
  • A Network Analysis of Stakeholders in Tool Visioning Process for Story Test Driven Development
  • The Manuka project
  • Research and Practice on Constructing the Course of Programming Language
  • The Design and Implementation of a Management Platform for Creating 3D Digital Content Production
  • PatternGuru: an educational system for software patterns
  • Distributed task-based execution engine for support of text-mining processes
  • Beware the March of this IDE: Eclipse is overshadowing other tool technologies
  • Software framework for integration of method of moments kernels with direct or iterative fast solvers
  • Content4All: A Cross-media Platform for Community Information Exchange
  • Image generator framework
  • e-Learning at Work in the Knowledge Virtual Enterprise
  • Factors affecting the adoption of faculty-developed academic software: A study of five iCampus projects
  • Managing Pan-European mammography images and data using a service oriented architecture
  • Toward inquiry-based education through interacting software agents
  • A communication-based management model for project's capability
  • Automatic Tamil Content Generation
  • Recognition of printed and handwritten Tamil characters using fuzzy approach
  • Neural Network Based Offline Tamil Handwritten Character Recognition System
  • Optical Character Recognition for English and Tamil Using Support Vector Machines



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