What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a database with flexibility and scalability that is necessary for indexing and querying. It provides Agile solutions with high performance for mobile apps and big data. The architecture of MongoDB gives the complete functionalities of RDBMS like secondary indexes, full query language, and strict consistency.

Benefits of MongoDB

  • Flexibility: MongoDB document data model combines data of any structure and provides excellent flexibility to store.

  • Database Model: MongoDB makes it easy to store and combine data for any structure by maintaining data access, validation rules, and indexing functionality.

  • High Scalability: MongoDB provides new levels of availability and scalability. It allows you to adapt flexibly, across data centers, with consistency.

  • Rich Features: The features of MongoDB like Graph processing, Text search, Geospatial, Analytics & data visualization, and global replication allows us to deliver a wide variety of real-time apps on one technology.

  • MongoDB for Enterprise: Big Data databases enterprise can grow revenue, save money, and achieve many other business objectives.

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